HMI Fully Support FATEK IoT

The epidemic has not only changed people’s lifestyles but also greatly changed the way people work. A remote working model for maintaining social distancing has also emerged.
An ideal remote working method can greatly reduce the time and money cost spent in transportation, without sacrificing the quality of work due to distance, which not only improves work efficiency but also improves the quality of life.
This new and efficient working method will still be a common daily working mode in the post-epidemic era.

Implement IoT Easily

In response to market trends, a full range of FATEK HMI* models will be able to apply FATEK IoT solutions , including ethernet and serial (by installing 4G/ Wifi wireless USB dongle) models.

FATEK IoT Solution

As long as you enter the login information, you no longer need any complicated router and firewall settings, and you can quickly establish a safe and reliable real-time connection with devices everywhere.
And through the intuitive browser interface and App visit, you can easily achieve a wide range of IoT applications no matter anytime, anywhere.




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Apply IoT as long as there is Internet

Provide a variety of networking interface options for connecting, you can select the most suitable model to import according to different industry applications
Even the serial model can easily expand the network function with the mainstream 4G/ Wifi wireless USB dongle through the USB port.

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