RECAP “Integrating Digital Technology & Factory Automation” 2024

PT LEO Cikarang Seminar “Integrating Digital Technology & Factory Automation” 2024

Seminar Lestari Group July 2024 “integrating Digital Technology And Factory Automation”

ICPDAS ISN 81X Series Infrared Temperature Sensor

KW2D Smart RFID Reader by IDEC

Unleashing the Power of Connectivity: Exploring FATEK IoT Solutions

Powerful and Intuitive FATEK SCADA Software FvRT

Autonics Photoelectric Sensor

Lestari for Andon System Solution

Autonics Sensors: All sensors for All you need!

Wintec Sebagai LoRa Gateway

LESTARI GROUP Manufacturing Indonesia Expo 2023

Weintek cMT X Series

HMI Fully Support FATEK IoT

Weintek iR-ETN40R

HR6S Series IDEC

Icpdas ET-7217RMS/PET-7217RMS

ADIO Series Remote I/O Boxes

Weintek HMI XE Series

Weintek Gateaway Series

Distributor Autonics Indonesia

Weincloud One-Stop Cloud Monitoring Platform!

Distributor IDEC Indonesia

Distributor Weintek Indonesia

Weintek Advanced HMI 10″ CMT3102X!

FATEK IoT Solution

Using SQL Database To Share Recipe Database Online

HMI Database Integration

Distributor Fatek Indonesia

Remote Monitoring Solution

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