Mini Weather Sensor

DLW-1000 Series


  • Real-time measurement of outdoor weather information and hazardous gas decetion.
  • Molding in one, can be matched with straight/horizontal rod body, easy to install.
  • Provide RS-485 and Ethernet (PoE) communication interfaces
  • Support Modbus RTU/TCP, MQTT communication protocols
  • Can be integrated with the WISE controller to set alarm notifications to keep you informed
  • Combining with the ExoWISE, simple logic control settings


Mini Automated Surface Observation Area:

The minimized sensors of gas/powder pollution are placed on PCB to help monitor the air quality index to identify the source of the contamination.

Positive and Negative Pressure Ventilation System:

Active ventilation produces the pressure diff erence between the inside and outside of the module, which causes airfl ow, creates turbulence, mixes the air evenly, and makes the data precise.

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