Easy Builder Pro


• User-Friendly Design Interface
• One-Stop Solution
• Advanced Security
•Stunning Graphics Library
Macro: Simple yet Powerful
Multilingual Interface


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EasyBuilder Pro – a versatile software platform developed by Weintek – is made exclusively for Weintek HMI. Whether a seasoned automation expert or not, count on EasyBuilder Pro to help you breeze through your unique HMI project.

EasyBuilder Pro Highlights

User-Friendly Design InterfaceThe Ribbon Style UI is easy to use and navigate, even for beginners, helping users find what they need quickly to accelerate their project development.

One-Stop SolutionAll Weintek HMI and Gateway models are programmed and designed using EasyBuilder Pro, the one-stop platform where communication settings, user interface design, compilation and simulation are done.

Boosting Development Efficiency


•Automatic Plc Tag Import
•Offline/Online Simulation
•Cmt Viewer/Diagnoser
•Sequential Action Trigger
•Seamless HMI Upgrade
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