• Easy to setup simple device and personnel group management
• Secure connection
• Remote monitoring and maintenance of HMI and PLC
• Support data log and trend analysis
• Support alarm events log and notifications (SMS, e-mail and Appnotifications)
• Support Google map to trace device location with Google map
• Support Android and iOS App


To connect to a remote device via a network, complex setups are often required to obtain HMI or PLC device data. Even if all settings were configured properly, there will be many online restrictions and data security problems, resulting in inefficient and inconvenient use of the system. Meanwhile, also because of the high cost of construction etc., users may finally abandon this function. The FATEK IoT cloud service platform provides a solution to make it easier.


iMonitor IoT services can instantaneously and safely monitor data on various devices scattered in all places around the world. Regardless of data complexity, data can be clearly listed through the simple and intuitive monitoring platform of the browser, giving you control wherever you are.


Monitoring x Log x Alarm x Trend x Location




iAccess IoT Service lets you easily and safely operate and maintain remote devices even when complex firewalls and routers are involved. Remote devices scattered in all places are within your reach, no matter how far away they are.


Maintenance x Monitor x Passthrough x Location






iLocation IoT services can clearly display devices and locations on the map. A dynamic update feature is also supported, thus further achieving dynamic tracking and trajectory tracking applications. The map display method ensures more intuitive device monitoring and substantively enhances group management efficiency.


Location x Positioning x Tracking


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