FBs Series


• SoC-FATEK’s Core Technology
• User friendly and powerful instruction sets
• PLC & NC Control in one and Dedicated NC Positioning Language
• Communication function (up to 5 ports including RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, CANopen® and GSM and ZigBee™ wireless communication)
• Integrated high-speed counters with counting frequency up to 920 KHz
• Up to 4 sets of high-speed pulse width modulation (HSPWM) output
• High-speed timers (HST)

The FATEK FBS Series PLC is a new generation of micro PLC equipped with excellent functions comparable to medium or large PLC, with up to five communication ports. The maximum I/O numbers are 256 points for Digital Input (DI) and Digital Output (DO), 64 words for Numeric Input (NI) and Numeric Output (NO). The Main Units of FBS are available in three types: MA (Economy Type), MC (High-Performance Type), and MN (High-Speed NC Type). With the combination of I/O point ranges from 10 to 60, a total of 17 models are available. Fifteen DI/DO and 19 NI/NO models are available for Expansion Units/Modules. With interface options in RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, CANopen, Zigbee and GSM, the communication peripherals are available with 15 boards and modules.

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