Infra Red Control



• 2 IR output channels.
• 1 IR learning input.
• IR command capacity: 224.
• Supports 6 learning IR carrier frequencies: 33、36、37、38、40 and 56 kHz.
• Supports RS-232 and RS-485 serial interface.
• Supports Modbus RTU protocol to emit IR commands.
• Provides ASCII String Command (DCON protocol) to emit IR commands.
• Built-in Watchdog.
• RoHS Compliance.
• Provides API library for users’ program development easily.


IR (infrared) technology is now used for controlling home devices including television, air conditioner and etc. ICP DAS has developed various IR products to apply in home automation. Theses IR products can help users to control and integrate these IR devices into a control system. Therefore, by integrating the PAC and others series of ICP DAS, users can easily to establish the home automation system. IR Series includes “IR learning remote modules” and “IR controlled power relay module”. The former are used to collect and transmit a variety of devices infrared remote commands, while the latter is a strong relay module with the electric remote control function.

IR-712A supplies 2 IR output channels for individual or simultaneous control on multiple devices. As a replacement of IR remote controls, IR-712A can easily integrated with Modbus master devices (e.g. PAC, PLC, PC… etc.), IR-712A is well-suited for smart home and building automation.





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