Segment Building Automation Vibration Sensor



• Supports 3-axis vibration measurement
• Sensor type: 3-axis MEMS
• Vibration Rate: Up to 1.5 kHz
• Vibration Measuring Range: ±8g
• Data Type (g): x, y, z axes of the RMS, the maximum value; triaxial vector value
• Powered by iWSN sensing module
• Offers wall-mount mechanism and magnet for installation


In order to upgrade the flexibility and extensibility of WSN environmental sensing module and fit various applications, the iWSN-203 is developed to connect to the iWSN environmental sensing module, it can offer 3-axis vibration measurement function. The iWSN-203 is energized by iWSN environmental sensing module so that there is no external power supply needed. For convenient setting up and maintaining the application, the iWSN-203 provides wall-mount mechanism and magnet adsorption for installation.



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