PD194Z-E20 AC din rail mounted multifunctional power meter



-Fundamental V/A
-Max./Min. Value
-Load profile

Energy Metering

-Bi-direction energy
-4 quadrants reactive energy
-Tariff energy

Power Quality

-Harmonics up to 51st


PD194Z-E20 is a din rail mounted multi-functional power for long distance power monitoring and energy management. There are up to 4 wireless data communication module as optional enclosure in LoRa, NB-IoT, GPRS and Wifi, fulfils the high standards of the industrial users. The standard 4din wide with LCD display, users could check the data from the panel or on the PC. The PD194Z-E20 is a powerful mulit-fultional meter which could measure harmonic up to 63rd, multi-tariff, data loggnig, SECO record up 16000lines.

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