PTC Thermistor Relay Serie PD 225


• Monitors and Protects Motors with Integrated PTC Resistor sensors
• Protection against Over heating for Heavy Duty Load, High Switching Frequency, High operating temperature & • Insufficient cooling conditions
• Wide Auxiliary Supply Voltage: 24 VAC/DC, 110 – 240 VAC & 220 – 415 VAC
• LED Indications for Healthy, Unhealthy, Sensor Open/Short conditions
• 1 C/O & 2 C/O Configuration
• Reset Options: Auto, Manual and Remote


Avaiable Downloads:

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Overheating can cause considerable damage to expensive equipment. The Temperature Monitoring devices by GIC, helps overcome such issues and keeps them running at an optimal temperature. The added advantage of LED indicators, accurately show the current condition of the equipment and helps it function efficiently.


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