QM30VT2 Vibration and Temperature Sensor


• Dual-axis vibration detection up to 4 kHz bandwidth
• Output actionable data such as RMS Velocity, RMS High Frequency Acceleration,
Peak Velocity, etc., which is pre-processed from the vibration waveforms in the
• Provides high accuracy vibration and temperature measurements
• Industrial grade sensor with small form factor to fit into tight locations
• Manufactured with a sealed aluminum housing
• Connects to Sure Cross Wireless radios for easy set-up, fast installation, and long
battery life in even the most rugged, hard-to-reach locations
• Designed to work with 1-wire serial interface radios

Installation Instructions

Connecting the Vibration/Temperature Sensor
To install the sensor to a device with a 5-pin M12 female connector:
1. Align the notch in the female connector with the key in the sensor’s male connector.
2. Gently slide the sensor end into the connector.
3. Rotate the threaded nut to tighten the sensor down.

Installing the QM30VTx Sensor

The vibration sensors have an X and Z axis indication on the face of the sensor. Install the X axis (parallel to sensor) in line with the shaft of the motor or axially. Install the Z axis (plane of the sensor) to go into or through the motor or radial. For the best results, install the sensor as close to the motor bearing as possible. If this is not possible, install the sensor on a surface that is in rigid connection with vibration characteristics of the motor. Using a cover shroud or other flexible mounting location may result in reduced accuracy or reduced ability to detect certain vibration characteristics. After determining the sensor direction and location, mount the sensor for the best possible vibration sensing accuracy.

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