Rate Indicator & Totaliser


• Wide input signal sensing range 0.01Hz to 20KHz.
• Wide Totalizer range from 1 to 9999999.
• Wide Rate range from 1 to 999999.
• Prescaling facility for Rate Indicator.
• Alarm facility for both Rate Indicator & Totalizer.
• Password enabled.
• Signal Over-range displayed.


Avaiable Downloads:

[button title=”Data Sheet” link=”#” target=”” align=”” icon=”icon-database” icon_position=”left” color=”” font_color=”” size=”2″ full_width=”” class=”popmake-279 ” download=”” rel=””][button title=”Manual” link=”#” target=”” align=”” icon=”icon-lifebuoy” icon_position=”left” color=”” font_color=”” size=”2″ full_width=”” class=”popmake-2640″ download=”” rel=””]

The robust and compact Rate Indicators and Totalizers by GIC India come with a wide input sensing, totalizer and rate range. The password enabled function gives added protection, while its technologically advanced design helps it perform efficiently.

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