RS-232/422/485 to CAN Converter



  • Compatible with CAN specification 2.0A and B
  • Fully compatible with ISO 11898-2 standard
  • Jumper for 120 Ω terminal resistor
  • Software configurable CAN and RS-232 /422/485 communication parameters
  • Power, data flow and error indicator for CAN and RS-232/422/485
  • Watchdog inside
  • Provide the transparent communication between the RS-232/485/422 devices via CAN bus
  • Enable different RS-232/485/422 devices into an individual group in CAN bus network
    (Full-duplex communication mode of RS-232/422 devices is not supported)
  • 3 kV galvanic isolation
  • 2500 Vrms photocoupler isolation on the CAN side


The I-7530A is an RS-232/422/485 to CAN converter. It is a member of the I-7530 serial family, and inherits all of the features of the I-7530. The CAN interface of the I-7530A follows ISO 11898-2 specifi cation, the maximum CAN baud is up to 1 Mbps. There is one COM port in the I-7530A. As the I-7530A runs, it only receives the commands from one of these COM interfaces (i.e. from the RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422 interface) at the same time, but the CAN messages will be forwarded to all of these COM interfaces.

3000V isolation on CAN side

The CAN port of I-7530A is an isolated with 3000V isolation. This isolation can protect the local RS-232/485/422 devices from the damage signal coming from CAN network.

Watchdog inside

The I-7530A Watchdog is a hardware reset circuit to monitor the I-7530A’s operation status. When working in harsh or noisy environment, the I-7530A may be down by the external signal. The circuit may let the I-7530A to work continuously and never halt.

Power and Error indicator display

There are two indicators on the I-7530A.The power indicator can help user to check whether the I-7530A is standby or transmitting/receiving messages. The Error indicator will be turned on when some errors occur on the I-7530A.

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