DIN Rail Switching Mode Power Supplies


  • DIN rail mount and screw mount methods
  • Efficient power conversion
  • – High conversion efficiency up to 92% with LLC circuit (SPB-240)
  • – Stable power supply with minimal noise and ripple
  • Space efficient design
  • – Slim and compact size for maximum space efficiency
  • – Uniform depth size (except SPB-015/030) for neat and tidy installation
  • Safety and user-friendly features
  • – Terminal protection cover (SPB-060/120/180/240)
  • – Easy wiring with rising clamp terminal (SPB-015/030)
  • – Inrush current prevention, output overcurrent prevention, output overvoltage prevention, output short-circuit protection, circuit overheating protection
  • – Low output voltage indicator (red LED), output indicator (green LED)
  • Output power : 15W, 30W, 60W, 120W, 240W


The SPB series switching mode power supplies offer high power conversion efficiency and stable power supply with low noise and ripple and minimal heat generation. The switching mode power supplies can be easily clipped onto DIN rails or mounted using screws. The slim and compact design also allows space-saving installation. The series also features various safety and user-friendly features including terminal protection covers (SPB-060/120/180/240) and rising clamp type terminals (SPB-015/030). Various output power models are available for application in diverse environments.

Minimal Noise and Ripple

The SPB series provides stable power supply my minimizing Vpk-pk* value of ripple noise.

DIN Rail Mount and Screw Mount Methods

DIN rail mount and screw on mounting is possible for higher installation flexibility.

Output Indicator, Output Low Voltage Indicator

Users can easily check the operation status and voltage levels with LED status indicators.

SPB-015/030 Features

Slim and Compact Size

The slim and compact sized design allows space-saving installation

Rising Clamp Type Terminals

Rising clamp type terminals provide easier wiring for users.

SPB-060/120/180/240 Features

Terminal Protection Covers

Terminal protection covers protect the units from pollutants and prevent physical impact.


Multi-channel modular temperature controllers, switching mode power supplies, and solid state relays are used to supply power and control temperature in stick packaging machines.

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