● Supports OPC UA
● Supports MQTT
● Supports MODBUS TCP/IP Gateway
● Compact Design and DIN-rail Mountable
● Fan-less Cooling System
● Built-in 256 MB Flash Memory
● Supports MPI 187.5K
● WiFi compatible with 802.11 b/g/n
● Built-in Power Isolator
● Wide input voltage range: 10.5~28VDC

Integrating miscellaneous equipment for factory automation has never been an easy task. Since each machine uses different controller, when integrating with other IT/OT monitoring system, data transmission is limited because controllers use different protocols, and this is one of the obstacles that makes productivity improvement efforts ineffective. Take changing parameters as an example, the operator needs to walk to each machine and manually enter parameters. Moreover, due to a lack of data accessibility, the potential problems in the factory may not be easily found, and can eventually lead to defective products being made. To deal with this situation, OPC standard was released in 1995 to address the communication issue between control devices from different manufacturers, and in 2006, OPC UA made it possible to access the same device information regardless of operating systems used. In fact, OPC UA has been officially recommended by German Industry 4.0 for use in industrial communication.

cMT-G02 Communication Gateway is not only equipped with an Ethernet port, but also supports Wi-Fi, which enables it to communicate wirelessly when wiring may be limited by the environment.

With the de-facto IIoT protocols standard: MQTT and OPC UA built-in, cMT-G02 can well fit into lots of applications and integrate real time data from different devices, to provide a standard communication interface. Having more than 20 years of rich experience in HMI development, Weintek cMT-G02 supports more than 300 major brands of PLC and controller.

cMT-G02 Features

Industrial Wi-Fi
cMT-G02 supports Wi-Fi standard 802.11b/g/n that has a strong resistance to interference. The detachable antenna allows using third party antennas suitable for the environment. Wi-Fi setting can be quickly configured using web interface.

Change OPC UA settings using web interface
Web server can be used to change OPC UA communication settings, add/modify/delete OPC UA nodes and their corresponding PLC data, or change PLC communication parameters (Serial or Ethernet).

Built-in OPC UA
Built-in OPC UA server & client. OPC UA Server officially certified for compliance by the OPC Foundation can ensure seamless device integration in any application.

Built-in MQTT
Built-in MQTT server & client, and support direct connection with Amazon Aws IoT, which eliminates the need for hosting an MQTT server and allows connecting with low-cost and reliable AWS IoT MQTT server.

Push Notification and pass-through connect to a remote PLC (EasyAccess 2.0)
EasyAccess 2.0 can remotely debug or update devices without the need for adjusting firewall settings. With EasyAccess 2.0 push notification, users can receive immediate notification about the operation errors on their portable devices (iOS/Android).

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