Smart Touch Switch (L)


1. Communication Mode:IEEE 802.15.4(ZigBee/SmartRoom)

2. Bidirectional feedback through App.

3. It can link with Smart IR Motion Detector, Smart Light Sensor to realize people come lights on; Link with light sensor to control N FF of lighting according to light intensity automatically; Convenient and energy saving

4. Support time setting.

5. Scene editing, regional management, customize return-home and leave-home mode by a press.

6. Unique live line technology, easy wiring and bring peace.

7. With capacitive touch technology, it is safer to operate through glass even by wet hand, which is suitable for the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen

8. Equipping with a more efficient signal processing algorithm makes the signal coverage more uniform and perfect and the system more stable.

9. MCU adopts iterated integral design , durable in use.

Avaiable Downloads:

[button title=”Data Sheet” link=”#” target=”” align=”” icon=”icon-database” icon_position=”left” color=”” font_color=”” size=”2″ full_width=”” class=”popmake-279 ” download=”” rel=””][button title=”Manual” link=”#” target=”” align=”” icon=”icon-lifebuoy” icon_position=”left” color=”” font_color=”” size=”2″ full_width=”” class=”popmake-291 ” download=”” rel=””][button title=”Software” link=”#” target=”” align=”” icon=”icon-folder” icon_position=”left” color=”” font_color=”” size=”2″ full_width=”” class=”popmake-294 ” download=”” rel=””]

It is used to control lighting (L) and supports time setting/linkage control/scene management through App.

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